Project Management

Agile Execution


Consistent Processes Ensure Project Success

Project Focus

Over half of PMs report that lack of direction, focus, and set expectations prevent projects from being completed on time.

Project Start

Over 40% of PMs report that most delays occur at the project initiation stage due to a lack of consistent processes.

Project Execution

Most projects experienced a loss of up to 20% of projected revenue due to inefficient project management controls.


Piratech helps leading customers to establish project excellence.

Digital technologies are transforming the way every business operates. It is ruthlessly disrupting industries and reinventing the future. Some companies are faring better than others in the race to become a digital business, but others are becoming obsolete.  To remain competitive, companies must re-think how the business creates value for their customers.

Project Management & Controls

Our methodology ensures the project focuses and delivers the strategic objective of the solution within the constraints of the company.

Business Process Analysis

Piratech focuses on timeless principles to identify process improvements across the organization to leverage new innovation technologies.

Smartsheet Solutions

Plan, capture, manage, automate and report on work with Smartsheet.