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Piratech Joins Climate Neutral

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Piratech is proud to announce it has joined Certified Climate Neutral, an independent and rigorous certification program that verifies a company has achieved net-zero carbon emissions for the entirety of a company’s carbon footprint.

Climate Neutral, a non-profit organization, provides the Climate Neutral Certified label for companies that meet its rigorous standards. The organization has a mission to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world by recruiting companies to publicly measure, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions. Climate Neutral provides the Climate Neutral Certified label to communicate to customers and stakeholders that a brand is committed to a set of immediate and long-term actions to reverse climate change.

“Given the urgency of the climate problem, it is critical for businesses to take responsibility for the carbon pollution generated from making and delivering their products and services,” said Climate Neutral CEO, Austin Whitman. “We’re thrilled to have Piratech join the growing set of companies that have committed to this journey. Our brands are going to lead their industry peers into a new era of social responsibility.”

Piratech believes every company, organization, and government jurisdiction has a vital role in addressing its climate impact and contributing to a sustainable climate future. "As we build our consulting organization it is important to build sustainability core to our culture," said Piratech Managing Director, David Allen. "Becoming a Certified Climate Neutral company will show our leadership as a socially responsible company."

To learn more about Climate Neutral and about the process of measuring, reducing, and offsetting a business’s entire carbon footprint, please visit


Climate Neutral is an independent non-profit organization enlisting businesses and consumers to halt climate change. We believe in setting a new minimum standard of corporate responsibility for all companies: achieving a net-zero carbon footprint. To learn more about Climate Neutral, including how to become a partner, please visit


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